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For decades, people have been moving across the country to pursue their dream of living the California lifestyle. Whether you're moving here with your eyes set on making it in Hollywood, or you're contemplating a long distance move out of the Golden State, hiring a professional moving service during this time of transition could be the best thing you could do. Moving is a notoriously stressful time - with tons of to-dos that include everything from packing to finding a new home to settling in to a new school or job. Trusting the logistics of your move to an interstate mover reduces stress and frees you up to focus on other important components of your move.

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Tips for Hiring a Long Distance Moving Company

When trusting your move to a professional, the most difficult part is usually deciding which company to use. There are a few key things you should look for when selecting your mover:


  • Licensing: All companies that transport household goods over state lines must be licensed through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This branch of the US Department of Transportation sets minimum standards to enforce the integrity of companies in the industry and ultimately, to protect the consumer. All moving companies are required to display their US DOT number in advertising and on their trucks. As you gather quotes from various movers, be sure to ask for their DOT number. You can run a check on the FMCSA website to make sure their license is still active and check their safety rating. 
  • Insurance: As part of the licensing process, moving companies must provide proof of cargo liability and BIPD insurance policies. These policies protect both their assets and yours in case something happens during the transport of your goods. The interstate mover is also required to offer you full value protection insurance, which will pay to completely replace anything that might get lost or damaged during your move. If you deny this type of coverage, you will be given the standard coverage that pays $.60 per pound, which often isn’t sufficient to cover the value of the item lost. 
  • In-Home Estimate: Always be sure to schedule an in-home estimate before signing a moving contract. Ideally, you would request in-home estimates from multiple moving companies. During the estimate, a representative from the moving company walks through your home and takes a detailed inventory of everything you are moving. Based on this detailed list, the mover can better estimate the volume and weight of your shipment, enabling them to give you a more accurate moving quote.

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At Cheap Movers Santa Clarita, we help reduce the work of finding a reliable moving company to transport your goods out of state. All our moving partners have already been vetted to ensure they are properly licensed and insured. Now you can easily request quotes from multiple movers with one form or phone call. Finding a mover that you can trust has never been so easy!

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