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When you're moving in and around Santa Clarita, you might have a lot more stuff than you realize. Or, you might simply need a secure place to stow your belongings while you move or work on a home renovation. Whether it's extra furniture, books, artwork, or something else, you can rent a storage facility for your household or office items. Working with your moving company to find storage simplifies the process, too. The mover can move everything into your storage unit at the same time as helping you move into your new place, and deliver it to you when you're ready for it.

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A storage facility can provide you with various sizes of units to ensure there’s room for everything you want to store. Many are climate-controlled, too, so you don’t have to worry about excessive heat damaging your valuables. Our moving partners offer storage facilities with a variety of features to protect your belongings:


  • Camera surveillance
  • Gated access
  • Individual locks on units
  • Lighted entryways
  • Added insurance

Facilities are clean with low, affordable monthly rates. This gives you a safe and secure place to put boxes, furniture, and anything else that you might have. Whether you’re subletting your apartment for a study abroad program or you’ve moved into a new place that doesn’t allow you to store everything you want to keep, you can depend on Cheap Movers Santa Clarita to find you a storage facility close by. Short-term and long-term rentals are often available, allowing you to decide how long you want to keep everything in storage.

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Types of Storage Offered

Storage facilities and even the types of storage offered at the facilities can vary. This ensures you’re able to store whatever it is that you have. Identify what you have and how much space you need to determine the kind of storage you need.


  • Residential Storage: You can store furniture, linens, seasonal decorations, clothing, boxes of dishes, books, and more.
  • Commercial/Office Storage: Office furniture, computers, and other office equipment can be placed inside of a unit.
  • Document Storage: Tax documents, payroll, invoices, and other paper documents can be placed into storage.
  • Vehicle Storage: If you have a car, boat, or RV, it can be parked inside of a storage facility, either inside of a unit or in covered or uncovered parking.
  • Wine Storage: Those bottles of vino might taste delicious, but they can take up lots of valuable space. Store them in a climate-controlled storage unit specifically designed for wine instead.

There are plenty of storage options for you to explore. It ensures you get the storage needed for whatever you don’t have room for in your new place in Santa Clarita. Students, homeowners, business owners, and more have taken advantage of storage facilities all over this area of California. Once you identify how much you need to have stored, it will be easier to explore the options that are available to you.


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