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Moving can be challenging and stressful. Choosing a local Santa Clarita residential moving company through Cheap Movers Santa Clarita helps make your move easier. A professional mover with a knowledgeable crew can offer you tips and services that will simplify your move.

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No matter what type of residence you’re moving your belongings to or from, Cheap Movers Santa Clarita can help! We offer the same low, hourly rates on local moves regardless of where you call home:


Apartment Movers

Apartment moves often involve multiple flights of stairs or use of an elevator. Be sure to discuss with the potential movers how many flights of stairs up to your apartment or if it’s a basement apartment with stairs down to the apartment. It also requires extra time to load your furniture on and off an elevator. You need to ascertain whether a larger, freight elevator is available and if it needs to be reserved.


Condo Movers

If you’re moving from a house to a condo, have a yard sale or donate all the “stuff” that you have accumulated and no longer use. Be realistic about the storage in your condo. Don’t pay to move your unused clothes, pots and pans, books and old records. Purge, purge and purge some more. If you’re moving to a high-rise, check to see if you need to reserve an elevator. Also check to see if your building has any other restrictions regarding moving day.


House Movers

When you move from one house to another, it’s wise to get an in-home estimate. Your movers will look at your driveway and access to your home to ensure that they can get the truck close to an entrance. Evaluating your stairs is essential – a good moving company needs to see any stairs with 90 degrees turns or circular stairways. By scheduling an in-home walkthrough, we can provide you with the most accurate moving quote possible.

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Residential Moving Services Available

Our moving crews offer a variety of moving services to make your life easier!


Local Moves

Local moves may seem easier, but they offer special challenges for the homeowner. A local move may not be due to a job change, so you may be juggling your job along with all the packing and preparation. During this busy time, utilizing services offered by your local moving service is money well spent.


Full-Service Moving

With a full-service move, all that you do is pack your valuables and essentials (like toiletry and a couple of changes of clothing) and let your mover do the rest. Be flexible for a couple of days before and after your move. Eat out or get “to go” so that your kitchen contents are clean and ready to pack and afterward, at your new home that you have time to unpack and get your new home organized.


Hourly Moving

If you have a week between jobs, then you might not need a full-service local move. Your brother or brother-in-law might offer to help. Your best friends might offer to help over the weekend. In these circumstances, you can move everything but the furniture and utilize simple hourly moving services.


Specialty Items

And if you’re lucky, you or someone you know might have a truck, and you’ll be able to move everything but the large, heavy objects and/or appliances. For assistance with appliances or other specialty items like pool tables or pianos, the Cheap Movers team can assist!


Moving doesn’t have to be stressful if you plan and get an in-home estimate. For a free moving quote, please call Cheap Movers Santa Clarita today!

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