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Use These Apps to Create a Household Inventory Before Your Move

The day that you move into your new home is fast approaching! Are you ready for it? Did you remember to pack everything correctly? Did you reserve that moving company or rental truck? Did you tell the utilities to turn on your heat and lights at your new place? There are so many things that you must do before and during your moving day. Sometimes, people get so flustered with organizing a moving project that they forget to do certain tasks.

Relocating is daunting, but it does not have to be that way. There are now moving apps that you can put on your favorite electronic device to help you keep track of everything. Here are a few of our favorites:

Move Advisor

Move Advisor is one of the top-rated moving apps. The best part is that it is free to use. Despite its gratis pricing, it is well-designed and easy-to-use. Here are a few features of the app:

  • Moving Timeline
    The Moving Timeline feature gives you lists that you edit or check off as complete, it lets you write memos under each job to advise you further. 
  • Home Inventory
    The Home Inventory feature allows you to map out the furniture placement. 
  • Moving Company Prices
    This splendid app allows you to check out different moving companies and request price quotes.

State Farm Move Tools

Like Move Advisor, State Farm Move Tools is a free app that you can put on your cell phone or tablet. A few of the characteristics of this app include: 

  • Creative Home Screen
    The home screen is bright, colorful and simple in its design. A touch of a button here or there and you will gain the information you need without issue. You can make comprehensive moving to-do lists up to two months before your move date.  
  • Boxing Up Your Stuff
    Move Tools has a virtual packing program that allows you to select the correct box and packing materials for your possessions. 
  • Smart Labels
    Smart Labels help you by listing and printing out labels for your boxes both virtually and physically.


iMoving by Applosophy helps you figure out how much your move will cost. It also aids in gathering information to see how much you own by going from room to room. You can even list what you own outside your house (i.e. a garage).

Like the other two apps listed above, iMoving is free to use. iMoving also assists in getting quotes from potential moving companies.

Getting ready for the big day is very stressful. There are so many concerns to keep in mind, and so many variables that can turn your day of joy into a day of woe. Anyone taking advantage of the apps offered above will almost guarantee a smooth moving day.

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